Seeking Sensorial Satisfaction

     Before I found out that my twins had Autism, at 2 and a half, I was told that they had sensory seeking behaviors. I didn't have any experience with sensory needs. I definitely needed to do some research to to understand what I was being told by the boys' pediatricians. We were soon… Continue reading Seeking Sensorial Satisfaction


Autism and a Human Need to Connect

     I have heard and read many things that make it seem as if humans with Autism don't have a need to connect with other humans. It breaks my heart. I know from experience that this is untrue. I see my sons interact, and I see a deep emotional connection between two little boys… Continue reading Autism and a Human Need to Connect


Poop as a Sensory Experience

There are so many joys to having children, but let's not overlook the daily horrors that parents really face. The reality is that parenting has some pretty dark aspects. One of my least favorite, of these aspects, is managing the poop situation. Having twins means that there is a lot of poop in my life,… Continue reading Poop as a Sensory Experience


Give up your Plans

     Have you ever had plans that you were unwilling to change? I am talking about the kind of plans that you believed so deeply in, that you just couldn't see things going any other way. I have. On many occasions life happens and the idealistic plans that you made seem to dissipate. Sometimes… Continue reading Give up your Plans

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I can’t see it, but it’s for sure real

What do you see when you look at this photo?      One of the hardest things to accept about my boys' Autism diagnoses was that I couldn't see it. There were a lot of behavioral indications, but as far as humans go, my boys are aesthetically perfect. They are beautiful and strong. I am… Continue reading I can’t see it, but it’s for sure real

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The Millennial Twin Mom

     Hi! I'm writing this blog because writing is my favorite manifestation of personal artistic expression. I function better as a human when I have an outlet. I also feel that I have something special to share. See, I am a mom, but I am not just any mom. I am a twin mom.… Continue reading The Millennial Twin Mom